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build confidence, discover your potential
invest in your future
gain leadership qualities for a lifetime

Eufit, your Fitness Leadership Program

Through development of self-awareness and skills building, professionally designed world class program aims to:

Build physical, mental and
emotional fitness.

Get coached by certified Olympic trainers,
physiotherapists, clinical dietitians and other high
caliber professionals.

unlock your high
performance sports potential.

Train in a sport that best suits your potential: football, basketball or swimming.

infuse leadership qualities
for life.

Get scouted by professional clubs or college
sports teams and obtain a
college scholarship.

train with the best


Eufit Youth professional coaches and specialists use the Eufit Youth Fitness Leadership Curriculum to develop every person's potential and build a natural confidence from within that will last a lifetime.

Through strategic partnerships with prestigious organizations such as LaLiga Academy or BasicBall Academy, Eufit offers advanced training and coaching for those who wish to develop professionally in one of the following sports: football, basketball or swimming.

Invest in your future

"Real Fitness is not only at the level of the muscles but also at the
level of emotional, mental, energetic and physical stamina"

Our Approach

Eufit Youth Fitness Leadership Program has been designed for the self-development of any young person who wishes to uncover and develop his or her potential, improve fitness and gain leadership skills. The Program develops leadership qualities related to focus, discipline, team work and resilience by working on all facets of fitness.

Physical Fitness

Guided by a personal trainer and a physiotherapist, through fun fitness activities tailor-made for each person’s body type, each person confidently discovers the level of fitness they are able to reach and starts to naturally move towards it.

Structural Fitness

Through understanding of each person’s body’s physiology, using body composition analysis, physiotherapy (and postural) assessment and body type analysis, each person will reach a deep understanding of what its body needs at the physical, mental and emotional levels.

Nutritional Fitness

Through the science of food and nutrition, each person will discover which foods are suitable to their body type and will be coached step-by-step how through food to achieve a balance leading to a long term health and wellbeing.

Emotional Fitness

Focusing on the development of emotional and social intelligence, each person is guided to gain self awareness and ability to connect with their inner intelligence and use it to reach their highest potential.